The concept of one as the son of God was not brought about by Jesus, the sixth pharaoh of the XVIII (18TH) Egyptian Dynasty Thutmose III who was to become the greatest concurrer of all time, I say the greatest because unlike Napoleon and Hitler, his Empire never collapsed, or loose a battle when he was in power, in fact when left power through death the next Pharaoh inherited an empire fully functioning. As long as Thutmose III lived he was never concurred and humiliated by an enemy.

Thutmose II, the father of Thutmose III died when Thutmose was 3 years old, as the eldest son of Thutmose II, the throne was his but because he was still a child, His stepmother, Hatsheput, his father’s first wife had to sit on the throne until he was old enough to rule, Hatsheput then proved that BLACK MOTHERS ARE BEAUTIFUL BLACK ANCHORS, she was responsible for anchoring Thutmose III’s career and life.

When Thutmose was old enough Hatsheput sent Thutmose to serve in the military, making sure he learned military virtues such as discipline and courage, he’s time in the military was to help him become one of the best military tacticians that ever lived, if not the greatest. When Thutmose was ready to rule, she gladly gave him his power. What Hatsheput did for Thutmose only a Black mother can do.

Thutmose III was the sixth ruler of the 18th Dynasty. He was short, muscular and black, with a broad nose and thick lips. He was the son of the Pharaoh Thutmose II and a young Sudanese woman, Aset, who was of humble birth. Thutmose III was born in 1504 and died in 1447 B.C he lead the Egyptian Dynasty, at which he was able to conquer a 110 foreign states, his empire had 110 states plus Egypt itself, over 30 000 years have passed, we’ve had the british empire, Roman empire, French empire, no have even come close to a 110 states. “The king in his righteousness of his heart reigns accomplishing divine will” words of Thutmose III. Thutmose was to build the first centralised Empire, fourteen hundred years before the Roman Empire, which is very much talked about. His empire extended from Babylon to the upper Eupharoptes, to the upper Nile, the whole of western Asia, Greece, and the eastern Madeteranian.  His spirit is in us, BLACK MEN ARE BLACK HANDSOME WARRIORS.

Unlike the british and French empires, which every country in their empires never got uplifted and feel the effects of their oppression even to this day, I understand why he says he is the son of God, listen to this: the Egyptian empire of Thutmose was very different in that, he uplifted those he concurred, did not make them turn away fully from their roots like what the white man has done to us, Thutmose never miseducated the Greek, in fact it was through colonisation that he introduced writings to the Greeks, don’t be lied to it was in black Egypt where reading and writing started. Thutmose taught this to Greece, Cyprus and Asia.

It was in the 18th dynasty by colonisation that Egypt imposed the state model later called AMP (Asian Mode of Production), a model that was to be reincarnated in the Empires of Alexandra the Great, Roman Empire, the Empire of Charlemagne, and Napoleon.

One of Thutmose Greatest victories was undoubtedly when they captured the rebel town of Jappa, where his general Thuty and five hundred men entered the town in jars, sneaked in jars by a stratagem.

Just like any Nigga Thutmose had a sense of humour, every state he concurred without, the town fighting he carved on a wall in that state female body parts. “PUSSY”

“ If you are African you are gifted”, It’s all in you, just like Thutmose there is a warrior and a leader in you, Africa reclaim your History, build greater empires. DON’T BE LIED TO, Africa was never a dark continent, Africa was a world leader, Africa is the origin of every Ideology, philosophy, religion, science, art, it’s all our ancestors’ creations. THERE WERE GREAT EMPIRES, GREAT MINDS, GREAT LEADERS IN AFRICA.

Universalism is the consequence of the conquest of Thutmose III and of the creation of the first world Empire, I felt it appropriate that in a place where universalism is at its peak in social networks and blogs, I felt Thutmose deserved a page. An ancestor of mine and yours whose spirit lives in us, an ancestor we will make proud when Africa again becomes the world leader, take the throne like we were destined to, This Generation is destined to do historic deeds.    



The Origin of Humanity

150 000 Years ago, around the Great Lakes region on the equator, human kind was, he was dark, pigmented as a warm-blooded animals have to be pigmented in a humid climate. These people were called Omo I and the Kanjera, the equator conditions have lots of sunshine but a lot of rainfall and is home to a large amount of species and now Humankind  had joined the equation.

It all began in Africa these Ancestors of ours had a dream, a dream to travel and populate the open lands of the world, 50 000 years later of existence they had started populating Southern Africa, which where I live, fossils show the first appearance of human existence dates back to over 100 000 years ago, these intelligent species in the south were the fist miners, with the first mine found in Swaziland, which contained over 23000 stone tools, (who said we couldnt mine our resources) at the same time an African culture known as Caspian, extended from Kenya to Tunisia.

As time went on, their appetite of these dreamers to populate the world was still burning in them. A group of these black Africans who became known as the Grimaldi 33 000 years Ago decided to cross borders, move to places with a very different weather climates from their mother land Africa, these Grimaldi people crossed into Europe. The Grimaldi were the first immigrants to change continents, they however never forgot their roots, the artistic beauty that was in them, as just like that of their forefathers the Omo and the Kanjera who were known for carvings of Rock Art in caves they lived in. The drawing found in Europe drawn by the Grimlandi had huge striking similarities.

due to the extremely cold weather the Grimaldi was evolved into a Cro-Morgan with no sunshine at all pigment started to fade away and the Cro-Morgan was born, these Cro-Morgans were the first ancestors of the white race, the first cro-Morgans were dated 20 00 year ago, it took 15000 years for the Grimaldi to totally transform into the cro-Morgan.

Chronological Order of the Origin of humanity

1, Omo I and Kanjera 150 00 years ago

2. Appearance in Southern Africa dating between 50 00 to 100 000 years ago

3. The Grimlandi invasion of Europe 33 000 years ago

4. The cro-Morgan in Europe 20 000 years ago

5. Arrival of the first Australian in Australia 20 000 years ago

6. Appearance of first Paleosiberian 20 000 years ago

7. First Homo Sapiens in China 17 000 years ago

8. Appearance of the first present Chinese types 6000 years ago

9. Appearance of the Nipponese type: Neolithic 5000 or 4000 years ago

10. Semites (Arabs, Jews) 5000 years ago



inauguration of clarity

I would start with an apology, or maybe i should come out and say it!

Tell you, all about the tales my grandfather used to recite to me, they were not the same as the now time

He would talk with vigor and melancholy in his voice

Comparing times and dates, sharing moments and memories

Before the concoction of ideologies and birth of evil made between exchange of seasons

And treason

This  land sculptured, from the home ground soil, in a shape of infinite routes

Conjoining at a point that completed the home for many, opportunity for some, a destiny for others

The nativity  of endurance, consistency and rigidity. Frozen in a portrait of tranquility.

The moon was the light that incubated the world with wisdom of what the next day symbolized

Hierarchical clarity was as visible as the mountain valleys of Kilimanjaro. Drinking from the same source of this African-ism  the stream that flowed into the ocean, diluted by the waters of the seas,their unity was as hard as a rock,solid and bounded together by smallest particles of genesis, 

talking bout beginnings…when did it all start, the sunsets and sunrises. it used to be from the east to the west now it was somewhere in between the latitudes of the horizons. it was negotiations and settlements, now it was deals and court orders. From thanks giving and offerings to sales and treachery.
Rise, to the forgotten legends and inventors,craftsman and smelters.
Hands closed, life archived in the veins of our blood, diluted
From time to time by the psychological walls we have built to keep up with the dynamics of being alive.
hold those thoughts and let us both unravel the blue print of where we have come, to where we are, possibly where we are headed.



A blog created in honour of our great Ancestors.

The African who has understood will understand us on this blog is one who, after the reading of our works, would have felt a birth in himself, of another person impelled by a historical conscience, a true creator, a Promethean carrier of a new civilization and perfectly aware of what the whole earth owes to his ancestral genius in all domains of science, culture and religion.