inauguration of clarity

I would start with an apology, or maybe i should come out and say it!

Tell you, all about the tales my grandfather used to recite to me, they were not the same as the now time

He would talk with vigor and melancholy in his voice

Comparing times and dates, sharing moments and memories

Before the concoction of ideologies and birth of evil made between exchange of seasons

And treason

This  land sculptured, from the home ground soil, in a shape of infinite routes

Conjoining at a point that completed the home for many, opportunity for some, a destiny for others

The nativity  of endurance, consistency and rigidity. Frozen in a portrait of tranquility.

The moon was the light that incubated the world with wisdom of what the next day symbolized

Hierarchical clarity was as visible as the mountain valleys of Kilimanjaro. Drinking from the same source of this African-ism  the stream that flowed into the ocean, diluted by the waters of the seas,their unity was as hard as a rock,solid and bounded together by smallest particles of genesis, 

talking bout beginnings…when did it all start, the sunsets and sunrises. it used to be from the east to the west now it was somewhere in between the latitudes of the horizons. it was negotiations and settlements, now it was deals and court orders. From thanks giving and offerings to sales and treachery.
Rise, to the forgotten legends and inventors,craftsman and smelters.
Hands closed, life archived in the veins of our blood, diluted
From time to time by the psychological walls we have built to keep up with the dynamics of being alive.
hold those thoughts and let us both unravel the blue print of where we have come, to where we are, possibly where we are headed.




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