The Origin of Humanity

150 000 Years ago, around the Great Lakes region on the equator, human kind was, he was dark, pigmented as a warm-blooded animals have to be pigmented in a humid climate. These people were called Omo I and the Kanjera, the equator conditions have lots of sunshine but a lot of rainfall and is home to a large amount of species and now Humankind  had joined the equation.

It all began in Africa these Ancestors of ours had a dream, a dream to travel and populate the open lands of the world, 50 000 years later of existence they had started populating Southern Africa, which where I live, fossils show the first appearance of human existence dates back to over 100 000 years ago, these intelligent species in the south were the fist miners, with the first mine found in Swaziland, which contained over 23000 stone tools, (who said we couldnt mine our resources) at the same time an African culture known as Caspian, extended from Kenya to Tunisia.

As time went on, their appetite of these dreamers to populate the world was still burning in them. A group of these black Africans who became known as the Grimaldi 33 000 years Ago decided to cross borders, move to places with a very different weather climates from their mother land Africa, these Grimaldi people crossed into Europe. The Grimaldi were the first immigrants to change continents, they however never forgot their roots, the artistic beauty that was in them, as just like that of their forefathers the Omo and the Kanjera who were known for carvings of Rock Art in caves they lived in. The drawing found in Europe drawn by the Grimlandi had huge striking similarities.

due to the extremely cold weather the Grimaldi was evolved into a Cro-Morgan with no sunshine at all pigment started to fade away and the Cro-Morgan was born, these Cro-Morgans were the first ancestors of the white race, the first cro-Morgans were dated 20 00 year ago, it took 15000 years for the Grimaldi to totally transform into the cro-Morgan.

Chronological Order of the Origin of humanity

1, Omo I and Kanjera 150 00 years ago

2. Appearance in Southern Africa dating between 50 00 to 100 000 years ago

3. The Grimlandi invasion of Europe 33 000 years ago

4. The cro-Morgan in Europe 20 000 years ago

5. Arrival of the first Australian in Australia 20 000 years ago

6. Appearance of first Paleosiberian 20 000 years ago

7. First Homo Sapiens in China 17 000 years ago

8. Appearance of the first present Chinese types 6000 years ago

9. Appearance of the Nipponese type: Neolithic 5000 or 4000 years ago

10. Semites (Arabs, Jews) 5000 years ago




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