Let Him Know



What is real, what is it that I choose to believe?

Which path do i choose to lure my conscious?  

Talk about myths and philosophies, what will it take for me to look beyond 

The predicament i have once endured, it took just a generation to destroy an entire nation,

What was his strongest point?

It was conscious and reason, it was thought and invention

Wisdom and strength

It was stamina and resilience

Like  the lion fear was beyond accessibility,

Unshakable like the hills and valleys of the Drankensburg

By a cut of a blade, he drained the blood out of the veins,

 Weakened the system but strengthened the body, hardened the heart

killed the psychology,

it was an intellectual ambush, for the men could not think with his mind no more nor his heart

he learnt to fight like an animal, retaliated like an inmate

rationality was a weakness, brutality became a survival skill, vital as breathing

to be alive after hours of atrocious suffocation, all he got was a container, and he was packed like a stack of ammunition, that is what he had become,  a weapon of distraction, a household equipment

a market commodity

the Angolan brother my fellow African in  Mali, Songhai, and Ghana was set of

to create a new set of humanity


This was once off at some point, when my land was the Utopia of land and riches,

The epicentre of wisdom and intellect, today i do not cry tears of oppression and suffering,

 I rejoice in the light of redemption and restoration like the lands of Cameroon steering economic revolution

Overcoming adversity, it is through the intellectual empowerment, jog your memory to see the genesis of all the greatness that runs within

See, this unbalanced war   between animals and humanity shall stop

Realisation that people need to exist with elephants and rhinos

  Chad, Gabon and Libyans shall

Appreciate the worth of collectively

Women, children shall not suffer the fatalities of the wars that have left them orphaned and widowed

Ugandans will not go down the same path of another Idi Amin

This is not a day dream but a portrait of  the greatness from within

A limitless utopia of Africa, a land of imaginary “cants”

Man of Africa, Women of Africa, Children of Africa

It took one generation to disintegrate a nation

It can take one to rebuild it

Teach your son how to be a man, a woman, better yet a true African

Beyond the continents and races and nationalities

Teach him to be human

Let him know about his genesis, realise his overwhelming

Immensity let him understand because he never knew

His potency






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