African mode of Production

 “Who is to tell that we (Africans) should not teach humankind the way of life, liberty and true happiness” Marcus Garvey The African mode of production (AMP) BASED FROM THE PHARAOIC Egyptian state, an African type of state, its distinctive traits of this category is the weight of civilization as compared to the military Power. Military Aristocracy is practically absent and in normal times, the soldiers play only an obstructive, if non-existent political role. The military aristocracy is not the focal point of society. War has rather a defensive function. The empire ideological substructure is only an apologetic for moral and human value, excluding values of warfare. It was all about the people as in economic functions of the state and its relations with village communities, this is what we should go back to. “If the Negro race is not careful, he will drink in all poison of Morden civilisation and die from effects of it.” Marcus Garvey. Let us reclaim our history, BE trendsetters, Be creative, ownership, Be guided by the fruits of the spirit such as Joy, Peace, Love and discipline. In this mode, this is how the tasks were completed in what amazes us from the Great pyramids of Incas to the Celtic Megaliths. Breath, take a look at your great ancestors, look at how timeless the works of your Grandparents are. Their technology, Architecture, Religion, Philosophy, imagination and Medicine is very relevant today, we still can’t explain these wonders today, it looks like we are still behind as humanity from our ancestors. Africa reclaim your history, their spirits dwell within you. It is a combination of Art and Science coming together, Leonardo Da Vinci got the concept from Egypt, he decided to learn from history, I suggest we do the same. The Africa Mode of Production Architecture  The Celtic Megaliths and the Incas Pyramids were built. ECONOMICS Agriculture and local industry are part of village activity not what we see in South Africa and Gauteng, look at how its costing us. Let one day Ngulumbi village have one of the biggest avocado farm and industry in the world.  The economy also had foreign investors, with business people from all over the Mediterranean Coasts could settle in Egypt and open shops under certain conditions, the conditions in which they were allowed were conditions to make sure they don’t exploit the land owners. The Mediterranean Whites are not exploiting the people like we see today in Africa. Social Policy The weight of civilisation power was greater than military power. They certainly were happiness pursuers. BLACK CONSOUSNES IS THE FUTRE, THE MORDEN DAY FORM OF (AMP) This type of state as shown above is founded on a collective basis, which was accepted and defended by all the citizens by all the citizens of the nation as the only way of survival for the collective. African Mode of Production existed in Egypt from 33000 to 525 B.C. This was from the first Dynasty of Menes to Matile III, who was Pharaoh at 525 B.C, a total of 129 Pharaohs ruled with this form of govenence and civilisation. It passed through Remesses II, one of the longest serving Pharaohs, Thutmose III, who we have already discussed, Tutankhamen who was Pharaoh from age 9. In the same manner I pray and hope whoever succeeds Mugabe continues with his Land Reform Policies. Karl Marx writings of Asiatic Mode of Production but his writings cannot even begin describe the efficiency of this system. This system was also practised by the great and remarkable Chinese people of the ninth century B.C. “Be proud of your race today as our fathers were in the days of Yore. We have a beautiful history, and we shall create another in the future that will astonish the world.” Marcus Garvey 



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