Destruction of Black civilization

And they said Blacks were never civilized, they said Blacks never had any history or future to talk about. What they did not say is that they looted every part of our civilization; they took away our bravest minds and exposed them to slavery. Our history and civilization they took away and made it theirs, since then they have been fighting to portray Africa as a continent of war, poverty and savages.

Then the great griot spoke, he addressed the whole of Africa today, but his wisdom was dating back from the 3000 BC. He proved to the continent that history is not a matter of written evidence only, but has to do with character, intelligence, wisdom and of course culture.

 Culture,  in that the history of Africa was passed within the intelligent griot generations and never by the book.

He climbed on top of Mount Kilimanjalo and all those who had eyes saw, for those who had ears the message was clear, Africa your civilization was robbed. He made it clear that Africa was a victim of rape and torture.

As the griot prepared to retell the story before the invasion…., I saw mama Africa shedding tears of blood. Her cry was a story in itself; it defeated the whole purpose of the griots good intentions. The children of Africa also shed their tears as they began to foresee, that which the griot was to retell.   Touched by this great mourning, the griot tore apart 55 pages from a book by racist historian DC Michaels, and gave them to the crying children so that they would wipe their tears.

And the griot also tore a page for himself and wiped his mouth as if he had finished eating a great delicious meal.

The lion roared and the whole of Africa was covered with silence, it was time.

Tunomba, tereresayi, kwakanji nzwa, let those who have ears hear…

The history of the Black race began in Ethiopia and  Sudan (formerly southern Ethiopia). The meaning of Sudan is  land of the Blacks’ just as  Egypt was once called ‘land of the Blacks.’ In ancient times Upper Ethiopia became rich  in food production. Blacks had everything the world wanted: “gold, diamonds, ivory, copper, iron ore and themselves.”

 This stirred the envy of Asia and Europe which caused migrants from these continents to settle in Africa.  

As early as the 6th century BC, Cambyses hauled away over $100,000,000 of precious historical materials from Thebes because the Black tombs contained not only historical material but treasures in gold and precious stones.


It was Africa who developed the first writing system in Thebes as early as 6th century BC; it was the writing of the scribes, and our intelligent children. They came and took them away as slaves to build foreign civilizations’ in Rome and Greece.


The shaduf system of irrigation  was our own creation, when the Asians came to Egypt they were stunned and excited that they made a lot of noise about it and made it their own creation.


We had temples, an early university which was in Nubia (3000BC).  It is there were strong intelligent minds and artifacts to prove our civilization were made.  However, Asians reshaped them making them parts of western culture.  Many of the artifacts that proved our civilization where transported to both Europe and Asia in an attempt to support their civilization claims.


Our history and civilization became theirs, as we were migrated southwards. The Black Pharaoh Khafre was made Asian; the great Black Queen Mertitefs became theirs too. But keep my words their African facial features are quite unmistakable as they look different from those of the pharaohs who followed.


We had no weapons to fight them, civilization has never been about violence, war and savagery, it is about productivity and development so we helplessly surrendered our civilization to protect our own children. Slavery and colonialism were all meant to take away that which we had created.

(The Words of the great Griot Atakambulelayambulengawami)

Chancellor Williams


5 thoughts on “Destruction of Black civilization

  1. the best way to conquer is to create turmoil , distract divide and conquer what has been done to Africabut the truth cant be hidden one day Afica will be a power house tnx for the knowledge fam

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