given a chance

Power strides are like the giant prints of misery hitting against the ground

Scenery of my mind is not so pleasant

It is a division of channels leading to one route

Deception of mind and segregation of motives

Conscious trouble and confusion, i do not know which tale to believe anymore

Whether i am living his past in my present or am I in his future

Then the plotting would be the reason of my perplexity

Caught between time and exchange of seasons and reasons,

Dynamism of thought and logic, was gradual like the  theories of evolution

You could not see me rejoicing as you were busy emending faults that were artificially  manufactured

To keep you occupied, divide

 i shall conquer the lands of those conscious convicts

I traded my origin for a bottle of brandy; i did not predict the damages of the massacre

How could i be aware when I was trained to be unconscious of  my interests and investments?



Land grabs and long laps of marathons, running around the rocks that separated the heart from the soul

His promises cemented the truth and solidified it in a mixture of sand and concrete

The slab that built the foundation under our feet, tearing apart by the day

 This political misery cracking this base of psychological sorcery

It was an antennary, thought out and executed like the prosecution of the disobedient chap

That had more reason than strength


Putting it into perspective now you choose

Agony   or ecstasy?

domination or liberty?

Start now, to fight the battles that you have challenged for your proclamation

Do not be a victim of a trap that was for your captivity

Mental slavery shall cease, for the fear embedded in our minds shall be destroyed

Programmed and generated like computer software, it shall be replaced

The war of theories,

 history is a thing of the past and it shall not be seen to repeat its self

it shall carve our thoughts and believes

relief us from this rational dominance

enlarge our sight to horizons beyond our capacity, with faith that we too can










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