“Pills make you stupid” Lupe Fiasco

The blog is about African pre-colonial history but today I’d like to talk about something that happened after the first democratic elections in South Africa, A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

At age 7 I was diagnosed with epilepsy, After my first visit to a neurologist, I was taking Eplim CR 100mg, twice a day as medication, I was told I would forever use tablets. At first it was minor epilepsy, there were no fits but from time to time, I would freeze after being called for at least 15 secounds.

As time passed the dose was increased from the Eplim C.R 100mg t0 200mg, simultaneously my grades started to drop. Grade 11 it struck, my first epileptic fit, after a two and a half months stay at the hospital, I was under heavy medication, Eplim C.R 500mg twice a day, Epitec 200mg, twice a day and Epinuetin 100mg, 3 at night.

For four and half years, I was on this medication, till a lovely women “Mrs Muloiwa” introduced me to Prof Mushome, I give him an honouree PHD.

Prof Mushome is a Tshivenda traditional doctor, I went to see him, he went outside to the bush, uprooted the necessary herb, boiled the roots in front of my eyes, all he poured was water, Today as I write to you, it’s been two great years without medication, those who have shared the two years with me know it’s been the happiest years of my life, Baitshephi, Dumisani, Life,  Kevin and Farani can be testify the smile I’ve had and the smile I’ve brought to them.

The 4 and a half years on medication I can safely say was the worst years of my life, I saw shrinks, hated life itself and spent most of my time sleeping.

The moral of the story is that, African people are wise people and have always been wise. People, science, art, religion, its your creation. Doctors are not always the best option, the African way of healing is harmless and natural, unlike pills, it has no side effects.

According to Rupert Isaacson, who spent time among the Khoisan, and authored The Healing Land, the Bushmen have been seen healing a white woman of stomach cancer, and causing children who have had chest complaints no longer coughing. Their system has evolved over thousands of years; they heal by using trances. Healing is a very important part of the Khoisan’s lives.

Our ways are not Barbaric or Demonic. They have just been crucified because they don’t create a Trillion Dollar industry like healthcare, They don’t make you dependent, LET US NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE WEALTH OF YOUR OWN WISDOM.

African people, from Ancient Egypt till now have always lived in good humanity with nature, with the earth, they know and understand that nature has all the answers, they overstand the human body, the plants and the soil in ways that medical science cannot explain! NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE WEALTH OF YOUR OWN WISDOM. Talk to your Grandparents, Traditional healers, there is great knowledge to be gained, let it not be lost.


“Could’ve asked us why Africans dying from circumcision

They lack proper surgeons, suffer malnutrition

Underestimate the wealth of their own wisdom

It’s like it’s been exchanged for this penicillin.” Nas (IN HIS OWN WORDS LYRICS)    



  1. I’ve always admired the traditional methods of healing the sick. VhaVenda are among the most revered among the Africans. How does one go about to contact Tshombe? He can be of help to an epileptic neighbour’s child?

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