African Visions

Africa I miss you,

 I want to see you,

With your native pearls,

I want to see your pink diamonds shine in the mist of all,

That conscious awakening that we all envision,

Africa I want to see your dominance through the window,

Clear and vivid like a crystal!



I don’t want to see women under rocks,

And a man in the doc of a defendant,

Persecuted for what they taught!

The normality of dominance!

It was not a solution to feed their insecurities,

It was centurion conditioning!

That women belong in the kitchens and men are to inherit greatness.


Movements with good intentions but wrong solutions,

Milking women of their esteem,

Painting them as victims of insensitive bastards,

Overlooking the genius: how it begin! I could not defend a paedophile!

And his knock knock moments, but I could tell you,

The concerning goes beyond the new reform world values of equality,

Beyond the hunger that roars in the sound of their voices and the hammer in their hands.



What is Africa today without yesterday,

A clear picture of the future,

But a chaotic journey to the destination!

Could we have it both!

The Africa and the parity,

African reform could be the wishing star that we all wait for,

Think about her today!

Not from yesterday!

How can she co-exist in today’s world,

How can she scintillate with commodity?

Without back lashes and mutually exclusives ambitions!

She is not gone,

She grew!

She is still a beauty,

Mature like the old wine and trees we used to gather around for conversations,

Let us build her from strife to rife!

Nurture her Greatness beyond the scars of yesterday.


Africa today,

Beyond walls of boundaries and predicaments,

Cloaks of darkness and limitations.




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