Know Your History

Our history has been hidden from us. Archaeologists have just found a 200 000 year old Metropolis in South Africa near the coast of Maputho. South Africa is the first civilisation in the world. It is also the cradle of mankind. South Africans were mining for Gold more than 40000 years ago in Mapungubwe. The white media and its education have confused South Africans into believing that their ancestors were inferior and the only history they have is aparteid and Shaka Zulu. A few months ago Archaeologists discovered 60 000 year old writings in South Africa. We created the first writing systems. The sad thing is this is not the only great African Country. The are many.

Ethiopia is the home of the first religions. The first priests and Popes are from Ethiopia. Egypt is the home of the first scientists, librarians and doctors. Imotep designed the first step pyramids. I could go on the whole day if I were to tell you about Mali, Zimbabwe and the other great African Countries. Our history has been distorted. Now our self-hatred is profiting other races. Their cosmetics companies profit from our self-hatred. Their education system profits from our self-hatred and their historians profit from our self-hatred. We are great. We are Gods.

A black man named Henry T Sampson invented the first Cellphone before Motorola. A black man holds nine patents to the first personal computer. The first heart transplant was done by a black man. We are the first doctors. All this history is great and we all need to know it but this Generation can’t keep going back to history whenever we talk about our greatness. 

We need to stand up and show the world who we are. We are Africans. We are intelligent. First we need to get our continent back then we need to honour our true leaders like the fathers of South Africa Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, Steve Biko and Pixley Seme. The other Countries need to do the same for their leaders like Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba and all the other great African leaders. The truth shall set us free. Lets study our history so we can learn from it. So we can get valuable lessons for the future of Africa. We are not hustlers, pimps, bitches, gangsters and ho’s. We are Africans. I love you all. 

The only difference between you and God is that you have forgotten that you are divine – The Lost Symbol ( Ancient Egyptian Quote).

Tsepo Phokeng

2 thoughts on “Know Your History

  1. Tshepo, you must write a book for Afrika(us), period! It is ONLY in GREATE WORRIORS like yourself that we find ‘CRITICAL’ TEACHERS FOR BLACK PEOPLE. Many thAnks my BLACK GOD. Keep-up the GREATENESS!

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