Who is a black women?

In 1500 BC I was Queen Hatshepsut, Ruler of the Greatest civilisation ever,

In 960 BC I was Queen Sheba of Ethiopia, King Solomon was writing about me in the Bible (1 Kings 10) The wisest man was dazzled by my beauty,

In 300 BC I was Candace, An Empress of the Great African Empire Called Kush,

In 60 BC, I was Cleopatra, the African Queen who ruled the Roman Empire,

In 700 AD, I was Dahia-Al Kahina of North Africa, Driving away Arabs, as they tried to colonise us,

In the 16th Century I was Queen Amina of Nigeria, A warrior Queen like Shaka Zulu, I conquered nations as Queen,

In the 17th Century I was Queen Nzhinga of Angola, I waged war against slave trading Europeans,

In the 18th Century I was Mbuya Nehanda of Zimbabwe, call me Chimurenga, I fought the european imperialists.

Black Women?

Who I’m I in the 21st century?

Today I spend half my day on Big Brother Africa and reality T.V,

Today I disrespect myself as I dance Naked on MTV and Channel O,

Today I spend Thousands on weaves,

Today I gossip a lot, jealous of my sister,

Today I paint my face with make-up forgetting I’m Beautiful without it,

Today I watch all soaps on T.V.

As a Male,

If I could travel back to the 1700, I would tell them I don’t treat women fair, reading by herself in the Bible believing she is the reason sin is here, you played her.

If I could speak to my Grandfather, I would ask why he lies to her, telling her she can’t be the only one, the one and only.

I must burn all Cosmetics companies for her natural hair and dark skin are gorgeous!


You are Leaders,

You are Queens,

No man reaches Greatness without your presence,

You have unconditional Love,

You are Warriors,

You are Strong,

You are Brave,

You are Powerful and Glorious Beings,

Black Women, Africa needs you to Mother the Revolution against neo-colonism,

For Black Mothers are Beautiful Black Anchors!

Like misss Yaa Asantewa, Lead the Revolution.

Black Women in You we trust!

Know Yourself!

 Let me remind You of your C.V

Pharoah of Old kemet,

Made the wisest man on Earth move to Ethiopia,

Empress of Empire Kush,

Ruled the Roman Empire,

Queen Manthatisi never lost a battle,

In the 21st century I defeated Neo-Colonism and free Africa!

Black Women in you we trust!

Happy Women’s century!



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