“The Greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” Bob Marley


We are African, defined by morals and principles, so let us not believe that warmongers such as Alexandra so called great, Napoleon, Julius Caesar, or Winston Churchill are the greatest men that lived, these are not great men, let me tell you about a true great man, let me tell you about the Greatest man that lived, let me tell you about Imhotep.


Born at about 3000 B.C, born of an Architect named Kanofer, and from a mother named Khreduonkh and when his time married Ronpenofret. Imhotep’s career can be divided into at least 6 categories, Imhotep the prime minister, Imhotep the architect, he designed the step pyramid, Imhotep the first physician, Imhotep the Chief Priest, Imhotep the astronomer. Imhotep devoted his life to various activities and to write about his life I will need at least 6 articles. Today I want us to discuss Imhotep the first physician! Imhotep the healer.


Imhotep was a man of high and unsullied Character with a wide outlook on life, as well as a tender heart towards suffering humanity.


Imhotep perfomed his work as a Physician at the Temple of Memphis also known as Amenhotep temple. He practised at a temple for he knew how holy the gift of healing is. The temple of Memphis became known as a famous hospital and school of Medicine, Countless number of sick mained and blind persons went there and came back with renewed strength.


The legendary and much talked about Hippocrates of Greece was a student of Imhotep at the Memphis temple, the Hippocrates oath that Doctors or Physicians take is actually an oath that Imhotep made his students take at the Temple of Memphis. Phiny the elder, Hippocrates, Herophilos, Erasistrus and later Galen are the Greek students that were taught by Imhotep.


Know that Imhotep a black man is the father of medicine and not Hippocrates.


Imhotep was described by his people as the good physician of Gods and men, a kind and merciful god assuaging the suffering of those in pain, healing the disease of men and giving peaceful sleep to the restless and suffering. Medicine is our ancestor’s creation but every tribe and civilisation in Africa has always had the best healers, healers who overstand nature, healers who overstand herbs, we have always had healers that can cure diseases that western medication has failed to heal. The KhoiSan can cure cancer, I, the author have been cured from Epilepsy which western medication couldn’t. We have always been blessed and will always be blessed with skilful healers such as Imhotep.


Even in Morden western medicine, with less opportunities, Africans have shown how great they are, and again the enemy has claimed our genius as theirs, Hamilton Naki not Christiaan Barnard performed the first Heart transplant. Dr Ben Carson is the greatest Neurosurgeon in its history and Vivian Thomas developed the procedures used to treat the blue baby syndrome.


Black people, whatever you decide to do, you become Kings and Queens at it, The Best!


Imhotep was known for his vast learning, and if we are to live to our true heritage as Africans we must teach ourselves to learn on vast things, let us learn about the system that oppresses us and how we can destroy it, let us learn on neo-colonism, let us learn on Imperialism that kills over 20 million Africans each year, let us not depend only on Religious books and the School system. Let us read and learn on technology so we can create our own cars that are environmentally friendly, let us read on Architecture so we can create this generations very own pyramids.


“You are a fool if you let the enemy educate your child.” Malcolm X.


We created the first writings, when no one could write, when no one could mine, we taught ourselves to mine, when no one could use bricks we built structures that lasted for centuries and centuries, The Great walls of Zimbabwe, The bricks in the Pyramids of Giza can build 3 Eiffel Towers. Let us learn and teach ourselves for as a race we are on our own. Those that say they want to help us are the problems in our continent and want to exploit us.


Let us be vast learners for if we don’t do that, they will keep installing fear into us and misleading us, my point is that those who know little on economics because they are engineers will always be installed fear when imperialists who control who control the media lie to us, the media will tell us that Nationalizing of Africa’s natural resources will scare off investors and there will be poverty, they will fool you as they don’t tell you that China who has the biggest growing economies has nationalised its resources and banks in the country, they don’t tell you that the same investors are the main reason there is poverty in Africa.


The most important skill is to learn how to learn.


Here is a little poem to remind you of your true heritage as an African.




My heritage is not a certain clothes!


My heritage is not a certain kind of dance!


My heritage is not just a day event!


My heritage is the Architectural Genius of my ancestors that build the pyramids! They still stand!


My heritage is the creativity of Imhotep! The first physician!


My heritage is the bravery and outstanding courage of Queen Nzinga! Queens!


My heritage is the ability to make wealth like Mensa Musa! Kings!


My heritage is the ability to be beautiful and free, I inherited it from my KhoiSan genes! Joyous!


My heritage is the ability to make good music like Peter Tosh, Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, Brenda Fasi! Music with meaning!


My heritage is the spirituality of ancient Egyptians and Ethiopians who’s religions gave birth to Christianity and Islam, even Buddha would have loved to stay with them!


If you are African, You are Gifted, its your Heritage!

With the Melanin in your skin comes Great talent, use it!   



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  2. I am proud African and my heritage is the Archectual ability of my ancestors who build the Great Zimbabwe Ruins where the name of my beautiful country Zimbabwe was named from

  3. …my heritage is not a certain political party or organisation…my heritage is the inspiring Mapungubwe Hills…
    ….Educate the nation with what runs in its veins…

    lets unite Africans

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