Spelling dictionary of the African language page 246


Moor: a Negro, Blackamoor, or Black’ a moor, a Negro, a black


Boyer’s French dictionary page 355


More, mor, S.M, moor, black-more, black or Negro


A School dictionary, or ethics English dictionary page 121


Moor:  n. a Negro


A dictionary of the English Language page 209


Moor: n. a black


The synonymous, Etymological and pronouncing English dictionary English dictionary


Negro: t (Spanish, fr…… Negre) a blackmoor, a blackamoor, a moor, a black, inhabitants of nigritia in Africa


The word Moor is derived from the word morus which means dark skinned.


‘Moors’ was a term given that was given by Europeans to the Barbers, The Barbers are the indigenous people of North Africa, there were lived in Morocco long before the Arabs arrived in North Africa.


The Moors that ruled Spain were barbers from the Almoravids and Almohads dynasties.


 If we were an oppressive race we would have claimed to have discovered Spain, as they claim Columbus discovered America.


The Western Roman Empire had been diminished in the sixth Century that followed a time of Chaos and Barbarism in Europe, a time of cultural and economic deterioration and Barbarism.


“They are nearer to animals than men, their colour is white and hair is long. In sharpness and delicacy of spirit and intellectual perspicuity there are nil. Ignorance, lack of reasoning power and boorishness are common among them.” (Davidson). This was the dark ages between the years 476-800, over 90% of Europe was illiterate.


During this Barbaric times in Europe, Islam had started to spread, Islam arrived in Africa in 617 when disciples of Prophet Mohammed fled from persecution in Mecca to Ethiopia, it then spread from Eritrea into North Africa, the Barbers or Moors then got in contact with this religion,


The entry of the moors into Spain was duly to a Christian Count Julian, Count Julian was one of Gothic King Roderick’s nobles, Julian held the fortress of Ceuta, on the coast of Africa for King Roderick, Julian one day sent her daughter to King Roderick to learn, Roderick then raped her, she then appealed to her father for help, and in the quest for revenge and territory then invited the Islamic moors to invade Spain.


The Moors in 711 with a troop of 7000 men lead by Tarik Aben Ziyad. Roderick was defeated in the battle of Rio Barbate. The Moors then tried to expand their territory in France, There was a battle in 732 with the French and the French successfully defended their territory, it was the last time Moors would try and take over any land in Europe.


The Moors ruled Spain from 711-1492 and like any invasion there were casualties, but the Black invasion of Europe and the White invasion of Africa cannot be compared, they cannot be compared because the Black invasion of Europe enriched Europe and as we see today the white invasion was here to impoverish Africa and destroy its people.


When the Moors invaded Spain they did not destroy their culture, they did not stop them from speaking their language, they did not put them in chains, they didn’t put them out of Schools, they did not destroy the little they had of themselves, they did not miseducate them.


Before the Moors, Europe had only two universities, the Moors introduced 17 new universities, people from Germany, France, Italy and other European countries came to Spain to learn from the Moors and the education institutions set about by the Moors.


For nearly 800 years of Black rule, Spain set to all of Europe a shining example of a civilisation and enlightened state. The engineering and Architecture skills of the Moors was enriching Spain.  The Mezquita or Grand Mosque of Cordoba is an Architect built by the Moors in Spain and still stands today.


The moors made Cordova their capital city in Spain, Cordova then quickly became the largest and most magnificent city in Europe, it had street lighting, it also had a large school were people all over Europe came to study, Maths, Science, Philosophy, Medicine were some of the things taught at this schools.


The people that started the following universities were students at Cordova:


1188 in Italy, University of Bologna


1200 in England, Oxford University


1209 in Spain, University of Valencia


1223 in France, University of Toulouse


1224 in Italy, University of Naples


1228 in Italy, University of Padua


1245 in Rome, University of Rome


1250 in Spain, University of Salamanca


1257 in England, Cambridge University


1259 in Portugal, University of Coindra


1290 in Portugal, University of Lisbon


The Greek made the Kemets their teachers, The Spanish, English, Italians, Germans and Portuguese made the Moors their Teachers, we taught the Boers to farm. Now let us teach each other!


 The Sun is the source of life, without the Sun the Earth would perish, Black Man you are the only one designed to live under this Sun. No attempt to destroy a race has been so systematic, so continuous, and so extra ordinary yet the race survives, it not only survives but it speaks with vigorous strength. Know Thyself! A race that has done the impossible multiple times! Against all odds!


 Franz Fanon once wrote “each generation must, out of its relative obscurity, choose its mission, fulfil it or betray it” This generations purpose is to unite against Neo-colonialism and plant the seed for Africa to return to its former glory.


Black man all around the world, Let us know about each other, Vha Venda, XiTsonga, amaShona, amaNdebele, Hutu, Tutsi, Maasai , Samburu, Khoi, San, Aboriginal, Irula, Negro, Barbers, Akhdam, be conscious of our brothers and sisters all over the world. We complement each other, A united People of Africa! Esau and Jacob united, North and South Kemet united to be glorious again.


Let us teach our children to unite!


A United People of Africa, the power is with us, The Power is with the People!


Greet every black man you see, Be united!


The main disagreement between the Barbers or Moors and other Muslims was their perspective on women, they encouraged woman to study, they gave woman the same opportunities with man and believed woman were equals, this perspective was due to the Great African Queens that existed in Africa, Queens such as Queen Hatshepsut, Empress Candace, Queen Sheba, Dahia-Al Kahina.


The Moors surrendered in 1492, most of their manuscripts and writings as the Christian concurring family felt they were works of Islam. It is said without the Moors conquest of Spain, science would be a hundred years behind what it is today and if the Moors manuscripts were not burnt Science would be 50 years ahead of where it is today.


Here are some of the things the moors introduced into Europe


Rice, Cotton industry, irrigation systems, eye glasses, air conditioning, tap water, irrigation systems, new concepts in algebra, trigonometry and algorithms, public libraries, campus, street names, arithmetic, botany, zoology, geology, medicine, religious law.


A wise Poet once wrote in her poem Let Him Know:


Overcoming adversity, it is through the intellectual empowerment, jog your memory to see the genesis of all the greatness that runs within


Man of Africa, Women of Africa, Children of Africa


It took one generation to disintegrate a nation


It can take one to rebuild it,


Teach your son how to be a man, a woman, better yet a true African,


Let him know about his genesis, realize his overwhelming


Immensity let him overstand because he never knew


His potency




A United People of Africa, Greet every Black man you meet, he is your brother! She is your sister