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    “Dipped in Chocolate,

    Bronzed with elegance,

    Enamelled with Grace,

    Toasted with Beauty,

    My Lord she is a Black woman!”       Yosef Ben-Jochannan

    The Black woman is desirable and irresistible to the Black male; they are created for each other. That explains why the African man since the beginning of time has worked hard, sacrificed and even built empires for the Black woman. The Black woman is the Black man’s source, beginning, protector, teacher, love and wisdom. When you destroy her, you destroy the Black man.

    The ability of a black woman to firstly look beyond, and think for the generations to come and be willing to sacrifice all, even her life so that the next generation prospers and to top it off, her ability against all odds to conquer!

    Queen Njinga, the life of a Queen, the life of a visionary, the life of Genius, Africa’s greatest daughter. Queen Njinga was born to King Kiluanji and Queen Kangela in 1583 in the Kingdom of Ndongo, Ndongo is the name of an early-modern African state located in what is modern-day Angola. Ndongo was built by the Northern Mbundu people, a Bantu-speaking people inhabiting northern Angola.

    “When the white man appeared in the land, the nation would die.” Mossi Prophesy

    The Portuguese first arrived at the mouth of the Great Congo river in west Africa in 1488, This was just after 1434 where the Portuguese found that the world was not flat, of course the Kemets, Abu Bakari, The Moors, The Mandiga, already knew that since they had already travelled to different continents.

    The Azanian revolution is greater than Nelson Mandela, it was started in 1659 with the khoikhoi-duth war, to the late 1700 in Cape Frontier Wars, to the 1900 Kings such as Makhado and his constant withstanding of the boers, king Cetshwayo and the battle of Isandlwana and many more, to the 1913 wars of resistance and dispossession by the AmaXhosa under Sandile, Makana, Cungwa, Hintsa, Ngqika, Sirhili, Ndlambe and Maqoma, the Basotho with King Moshoshoe, the Bataung under Moletsane, the Batlokwa under Sekonyela passed to revolutionaries such as John Langalibalele Dube, Mxenge, Victoria Nonyamezeloand Mangaliso Sobukwe. At the same time the Europeans boers and the british went about psychological warfare, strong campaign to install in our own minds that we are inferior, one of their ways was destroying our history and defining for us who our heroes should be, they engaged on psychological gimmicks that are now deeply embanded in cultural thought and require no comment, which are the subtle weapons which have been more devastating in conquering the blacks and reducing them to an inferior status than armed might and it is the Knowledge of Great Queens such as Queen Njinga that we can free ourselves from the psychological gimmicks imposed on us by the Arab and European.

    In Angola the revolution can be traced back to the 1600 as soon as Ngola Mbandi   also known as King Alfonso saw through the intentions of the white settlers, what they really wanted to do was to turn a genius race into slaves, when He died after committing suicide, the fight was taken further by Queen Njinga in a way the Portuguese had never seen before, they had come across Africa’s Greatest Daughter.

    Queen Njinga is the greatest Military Tactician in history; her tactics also inspired the Mau Mau in Kenya.

    In 1617 the Portuguese governor of Luanda began an aggressive campaign against the Kingdom of Ndongo, his troops invaded the capital and forced King Ngola Mbandi to flee. In 1619 the new Portuguese commander managed to murder over a hundred Chiefs at that point the Pope intervened. The slaughter be ended and Peace be pursued. The Peace conference was held in Luanda, the black delegation was leaded by the countries ablest and most uncompromising delegate, Queen Njianga, at this point she wasn’t Queen yet but the sister to the King.

    But even before the peace conference began, and at the risk of wrecking it, the governor’s Caucasian arrogance could not be restrained. He had decided on a studied insult at the outset by providing chairs in the Conference room only for himself and his councillors, with the idea of Forcing the black Queen to stand humbly before his noble presence.

    He remained seated, of course, staring haughtily as she entered the room. She took in the situation at a glance with a contemptuous smile, while her followers moved with a swiftness that seemed to suggest that they had anticipated this stupid behaviour by the Portuguese.

    They quickly rolled out the beautifully designed royal carpet they had brought Before Njinga, after which one of them went down on all fours and expertly formed himself into a “royal throne” upon which the Queen sat easily without being a strain on her devoted follower. Yet she rose at regular intervals, knowing that other attendants were vying for the honour of thus giving to those whites their first defeat. Queen Njinga faced the Portuguese governor and spoke as a ruler of the land. And not as a subject of the king of Portugal. She did not recognize the man in the big chair as governor because she did not recognize the existence of Portuguese “colony of Angola.” She only saw before her what her people had seen approaching their shores over a hundred years before –pompous white devils bent on the destruction of the non-white world.

    The Ndonga terms for peace were presented as uncompromising demands and it was clear from the beginning that the Portuguese would have fared better with a male, for before any kind of agreement was signed Portugal had to agree:

    1. To evacuate Kabasa and all nearby fortifications
    2. The Portuguese were to wage war against the Jaga. (The Jaga or Jagas were terms applied by the Portuguese to invading bands of African warriors east and south of the kingdom of Kongo.)
    3. All Chiefs who had become vassals of the Portuguese King were to be freed and enabled to return to former tributary status at home.

    And in exchange Njinga would return the Portuguese prisoners of war; the treaty was signed in 1622.

    The Governor almost immediately went against the treaty and invaded Kongo, Njianga’s brother died the following year in 1623 and Njinga became Queen of Ndongo and her first challenge was keeping the Portuguese savages from enslaving the Mbundu people and her first major move in protecting her people and empire was to send an ultimatum to the Portuguese authorities demanding the immediate execution of the treaty or war be declared.

    Njinga’s greatest act, however, probably the one that makes her one of the Greatest leaders in history, was in 1624 when she declared all territory in Angola over which she had control as free country all slaves reaching it from whatever quarter was forever free. She went further since it was clear to her that white power in Africa rested squarely on the use of black troops against black people, she undertook the first and only carefully organised effort to undermine and destroy the effective employment and use of black soldiers by whites.

    She had carefully selected groups of her own soldiers to infiltrate the Portuguese black armies, first separating and spreading out individually into Portuguese held territories and allowing themselves to be induced by Portuguese recruiting agents to join their forces.

    The quite yet effective work of Queen Njianga’s agents among the black troops of Portugal was one of the most glorious, yet unsung pages in African History. For whole companies rebelled and deserted to the colours of the Black Queen, taking with them much needed guns and ammunition which she had been unable to secure except by swiftly moving surprise attacks on enemy units.

      Her army also started to grow as escaping slaves joined her army and she was able to influence scores of vassal or puppet chiefs to rebel against them and join the course of their own race.

    The Portuguese tried to divide the state by proclaiming Njinga was not rightfully Queen and one of their vassal chiefs, Aidi Kiluanji the Portuguese declared king.

    The Portuguese marshalled all of their forces on land and sea, their special river fleets in particular to crush Njinga but the Queen herself opened offensive, striking first at the Portuguese puppet King and his forces. The Portuguese captured her principle Island stronghold in the Cuanza river in July, 1626, thus dividing the forces and, by a swift encircling movement designed to capture the Queen, cut off her main supporting regiments and forced her not only to retreat but to withdraw from her country. It appeared that with Njinga’s flight from Angola Aidi Kiluanji was crowned King Philip I of Ndongo.

    Oral Tradition has further has it that the people not only rejected Philip I, but made fun of the very Idea that he considered himself to be king, Their blind faith in their Queen and certainly of her return, according to the same oral tradition was not so blind. Those who overstood the codded drum massages spread the news that all guerrilla attacks which occurred throughout were personally directed by the Queen and that in fact, she was raising a new army of liberation; her loyal chiefs and people in Ndongo were to stand ready.

    In November 1627 she crossed the borders back into her country at the head of a strong army made stronger and stronger as her loyal chiefs and wildly cheering people including the fanatically devoted freed men flocked to her standard as she swept forward to receive the Cuanza stronghold held by Phillip I and put him to flight.

    The Portuguese continued to be amazed at this display of Black unity and a woman’s leadership. Black unity was now seen as Black Power and that meant an unconquerable people.

    Njinga forced the Portuguese to return to their own strongholds on the coast, the Portuguese regrouped and strengthened for an all-out war to destroy Queen Njinga, and this time not to cease until this was done, the reward for Njinga dead or alive was offered, slave troops were offered land and freedom for her capture.

    Realizing such an all-out attempt to capture her meant countless thousands of her people would die in her defence, she outwitted the Portuguese again by slipping out of the country, instructing her lieutenants to spread the word everywhere that she had fled the country, mistakenly entered the territory of an enemy and had been killed. To give the story there was generals weeping and mourning throughout Ndongo real weeping and mourning for the masses believed the story to be true and most importantly so did the Portuguese.

    Then in 1629 Queen Njinga burst upon from the grave, sweeping all opposition before her, she brought her fierce Jaga allies with her, the Portuguese were completely defeated. She had not only retaken her country but had meanwhile become Queen of Matamba, Njinga was now empress of two countries.

    She now redoubled her campaign against slavery and the slave trade by making both Ndongo and Matamba heavens for all who could escape the white savages.

    Queen Njinga was further outraged over the success of the Portuguese capturing of both her younger sisters. Thus giving the enemy a most bargaining power yet like in the peace conference she continued to reject all their principal demands, with the result that her sisters to whom she was deeply devoted to remained in captivity for many years.

    In Queen Njianga they had a met a giant of the Human race which they found impossible to recognise as such because she appeared on the planet not only as a woman but one with a black skin.

    She died peacefully at age 80 in 1663, Some revolutionaries do live long!

    You cannot build something Great without loving yourself, black women love yourself or nobody else will.

    The religion of the Greatest civilisation worshiped the Black woman for they know her Glory, Aset or Isis the Goddess, The One Who Is All”, Aset (“Aset the All Goddess”), Aset was called the Mother of Life, She was revered by the people of Kemet as the great mother-goddess and represents the maternal spirit in its most intimate form.  A temple is dedicated to her on the Island of Philae, near the first cataract. She is revered throughout Egypt. Let us not look at ourselves through the eyes of the oppressors but let us learn from the way our ancestors before western influence on how they defined themselves so we can be able to define ourselves.

    Women need to lead the revolution for it is women who suffer most under Neo-Colonialism; It is women who bear the consequences of an oppressed race, especially a mentally enslaved race. “Comrades, there is no true social revolution without the liberation of women. May my eyes never see and my feet never take me to a society where half the people are held in silence. I hear the roar of women’s silence. I sense the rumble of their storm and feel the fury of their revolt.”   Thomas Sankara.   “I can hear the roar of women’s silence.”

     Mothers teach your sons to be gentlemen, so what his father did to hurt you he should not do to another girl. Let not a woman who had a man impregnate you and not take responsibility raise a son who then does that to another woman. The woman spends the most time with the Child; let her influence the child to be a better man. Whatever standards the Black woman sets, the Black man will achieve. Whatever aspirations the Black woman plants in her sons’ hearts, they will achieve them.

    One of the reasons Africans are at the state they are today is because we are producing less and less Queen Njinga’s, we are producing less and less Angela Davis’, less and less Queen Nanny’s, and one of the reasons for this can be found in the experiment done by Dr. Mamie Phipps Clark and Dr. Kenneth Clark which showed that from an early age of 5 and even less our children already have an inferiority complex, they already feel that those with a white skin are superior to them, and this reiterated in their schools, in their societies, in the media and by family and friends who have already been fully convinced they are inferior, in this education systems they are never taught that the black woman is the origin of humanity and Adam and Eve, white greedy queens like elizabeth are glorified to them and not Njinga, they are told King Solomon is the wisest person that lived not being told that Solomon envied the wisdom of Queen Sheba, they are told historically they have always been cowards not knowing that not many in History have been braver than Zeer Nehande. Our woman then feel worthless, and lack self-respect, Success is psychological and psychologically we have been taught to see ourselves inferior and less beautiful and until we remove these lies, lies that have affected ours eyes and mind, until we remove this inferiority complex we will remain slaves to those who installed the inferioty complex, we will always be consumers to those that install this lies in us as truth.

    “Their lies cant fade ya beauty

    You gotta know who you are

    Stay strong and always remember

    The truth in your heart

    Don’t forget there are those who

    Benefit from your scars

    And who deny what’s natural” Mela Machinko

    Daughters of Queen Hatshepsut, you were the first to show the world that women are wise leaders,

    Daughters of Queen Njinga, you proved to the world that when you fight for what is yours, you are unstoppable,

    Daughters of Queen Nanny, You showed that a revolution led by a woman will succeed,

    Daughters of Queen Manthatisi, you showed you cannot be defeated,

    Daughters of Queen Modjadji, you showed to the world you can control the weather, do the impossible,

    Daughters of the Mino, you showed that the Greatest army is united black woman,

    Daughters of Zeer Nehanda you showed you never give up,

    Daughters of Sarah Baartman, they envy your beauty!

    Children of Assata Shakur, you will one day be Free!

    Black Goddesses know thyself for you are the first wonder of the world!

    Without women there is no revolution!

    We had to learn that we’re beautiful. We had to relearn something forcefully taken from us. We had to learn about Black power. People have power if we unite. We learned the importance of coming together and being active.

    – Assata Shakur   

    Queen Njinga’s statue stands strong today in Luanda, Angola.




Spelling dictionary of the African language page 246


Moor: a Negro, Blackamoor, or Black’ a moor, a Negro, a black


Boyer’s French dictionary page 355


More, mor, S.M, moor, black-more, black or Negro


A School dictionary, or ethics English dictionary page 121


Moor:  n. a Negro


A dictionary of the English Language page 209


Moor: n. a black


The synonymous, Etymological and pronouncing English dictionary English dictionary


Negro: t (Spanish, fr…… Negre) a blackmoor, a blackamoor, a moor, a black, inhabitants of nigritia in Africa


The word Moor is derived from the word morus which means dark skinned.


‘Moors’ was a term given that was given by Europeans to the Barbers, The Barbers are the indigenous people of North Africa, there were lived in Morocco long before the Arabs arrived in North Africa.


The Moors that ruled Spain were barbers from the Almoravids and Almohads dynasties.


 If we were an oppressive race we would have claimed to have discovered Spain, as they claim Columbus discovered America.


The Western Roman Empire had been diminished in the sixth Century that followed a time of Chaos and Barbarism in Europe, a time of cultural and economic deterioration and Barbarism.


“They are nearer to animals than men, their colour is white and hair is long. In sharpness and delicacy of spirit and intellectual perspicuity there are nil. Ignorance, lack of reasoning power and boorishness are common among them.” (Davidson). This was the dark ages between the years 476-800, over 90% of Europe was illiterate.


During this Barbaric times in Europe, Islam had started to spread, Islam arrived in Africa in 617 when disciples of Prophet Mohammed fled from persecution in Mecca to Ethiopia, it then spread from Eritrea into North Africa, the Barbers or Moors then got in contact with this religion,


The entry of the moors into Spain was duly to a Christian Count Julian, Count Julian was one of Gothic King Roderick’s nobles, Julian held the fortress of Ceuta, on the coast of Africa for King Roderick, Julian one day sent her daughter to King Roderick to learn, Roderick then raped her, she then appealed to her father for help, and in the quest for revenge and territory then invited the Islamic moors to invade Spain.


The Moors in 711 with a troop of 7000 men lead by Tarik Aben Ziyad. Roderick was defeated in the battle of Rio Barbate. The Moors then tried to expand their territory in France, There was a battle in 732 with the French and the French successfully defended their territory, it was the last time Moors would try and take over any land in Europe.


The Moors ruled Spain from 711-1492 and like any invasion there were casualties, but the Black invasion of Europe and the White invasion of Africa cannot be compared, they cannot be compared because the Black invasion of Europe enriched Europe and as we see today the white invasion was here to impoverish Africa and destroy its people.


When the Moors invaded Spain they did not destroy their culture, they did not stop them from speaking their language, they did not put them in chains, they didn’t put them out of Schools, they did not destroy the little they had of themselves, they did not miseducate them.


Before the Moors, Europe had only two universities, the Moors introduced 17 new universities, people from Germany, France, Italy and other European countries came to Spain to learn from the Moors and the education institutions set about by the Moors.


For nearly 800 years of Black rule, Spain set to all of Europe a shining example of a civilisation and enlightened state. The engineering and Architecture skills of the Moors was enriching Spain.  The Mezquita or Grand Mosque of Cordoba is an Architect built by the Moors in Spain and still stands today.


The moors made Cordova their capital city in Spain, Cordova then quickly became the largest and most magnificent city in Europe, it had street lighting, it also had a large school were people all over Europe came to study, Maths, Science, Philosophy, Medicine were some of the things taught at this schools.


The people that started the following universities were students at Cordova:


1188 in Italy, University of Bologna


1200 in England, Oxford University


1209 in Spain, University of Valencia


1223 in France, University of Toulouse


1224 in Italy, University of Naples


1228 in Italy, University of Padua


1245 in Rome, University of Rome


1250 in Spain, University of Salamanca


1257 in England, Cambridge University


1259 in Portugal, University of Coindra


1290 in Portugal, University of Lisbon


The Greek made the Kemets their teachers, The Spanish, English, Italians, Germans and Portuguese made the Moors their Teachers, we taught the Boers to farm. Now let us teach each other!


 The Sun is the source of life, without the Sun the Earth would perish, Black Man you are the only one designed to live under this Sun. No attempt to destroy a race has been so systematic, so continuous, and so extra ordinary yet the race survives, it not only survives but it speaks with vigorous strength. Know Thyself! A race that has done the impossible multiple times! Against all odds!


 Franz Fanon once wrote “each generation must, out of its relative obscurity, choose its mission, fulfil it or betray it” This generations purpose is to unite against Neo-colonialism and plant the seed for Africa to return to its former glory.


Black man all around the world, Let us know about each other, Vha Venda, XiTsonga, amaShona, amaNdebele, Hutu, Tutsi, Maasai , Samburu, Khoi, San, Aboriginal, Irula, Negro, Barbers, Akhdam, be conscious of our brothers and sisters all over the world. We complement each other, A united People of Africa! Esau and Jacob united, North and South Kemet united to be glorious again.


Let us teach our children to unite!


A United People of Africa, the power is with us, The Power is with the People!


Greet every black man you see, Be united!


The main disagreement between the Barbers or Moors and other Muslims was their perspective on women, they encouraged woman to study, they gave woman the same opportunities with man and believed woman were equals, this perspective was due to the Great African Queens that existed in Africa, Queens such as Queen Hatshepsut, Empress Candace, Queen Sheba, Dahia-Al Kahina.


The Moors surrendered in 1492, most of their manuscripts and writings as the Christian concurring family felt they were works of Islam. It is said without the Moors conquest of Spain, science would be a hundred years behind what it is today and if the Moors manuscripts were not burnt Science would be 50 years ahead of where it is today.


Here are some of the things the moors introduced into Europe


Rice, Cotton industry, irrigation systems, eye glasses, air conditioning, tap water, irrigation systems, new concepts in algebra, trigonometry and algorithms, public libraries, campus, street names, arithmetic, botany, zoology, geology, medicine, religious law.


A wise Poet once wrote in her poem Let Him Know:


Overcoming adversity, it is through the intellectual empowerment, jog your memory to see the genesis of all the greatness that runs within


Man of Africa, Women of Africa, Children of Africa


It took one generation to disintegrate a nation


It can take one to rebuild it,


Teach your son how to be a man, a woman, better yet a true African,


Let him know about his genesis, realize his overwhelming


Immensity let him overstand because he never knew


His potency




A United People of Africa, Greet every Black man you meet, he is your brother! She is your sister






“The Greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” Bob Marley


We are African, defined by morals and principles, so let us not believe that warmongers such as Alexandra so called great, Napoleon, Julius Caesar, or Winston Churchill are the greatest men that lived, these are not great men, let me tell you about a true great man, let me tell you about the Greatest man that lived, let me tell you about Imhotep.


Born at about 3000 B.C, born of an Architect named Kanofer, and from a mother named Khreduonkh and when his time married Ronpenofret. Imhotep’s career can be divided into at least 6 categories, Imhotep the prime minister, Imhotep the architect, he designed the step pyramid, Imhotep the first physician, Imhotep the Chief Priest, Imhotep the astronomer. Imhotep devoted his life to various activities and to write about his life I will need at least 6 articles. Today I want us to discuss Imhotep the first physician! Imhotep the healer.


Imhotep was a man of high and unsullied Character with a wide outlook on life, as well as a tender heart towards suffering humanity.


Imhotep perfomed his work as a Physician at the Temple of Memphis also known as Amenhotep temple. He practised at a temple for he knew how holy the gift of healing is. The temple of Memphis became known as a famous hospital and school of Medicine, Countless number of sick mained and blind persons went there and came back with renewed strength.


The legendary and much talked about Hippocrates of Greece was a student of Imhotep at the Memphis temple, the Hippocrates oath that Doctors or Physicians take is actually an oath that Imhotep made his students take at the Temple of Memphis. Phiny the elder, Hippocrates, Herophilos, Erasistrus and later Galen are the Greek students that were taught by Imhotep.


Know that Imhotep a black man is the father of medicine and not Hippocrates.


Imhotep was described by his people as the good physician of Gods and men, a kind and merciful god assuaging the suffering of those in pain, healing the disease of men and giving peaceful sleep to the restless and suffering. Medicine is our ancestor’s creation but every tribe and civilisation in Africa has always had the best healers, healers who overstand nature, healers who overstand herbs, we have always had healers that can cure diseases that western medication has failed to heal. The KhoiSan can cure cancer, I, the author have been cured from Epilepsy which western medication couldn’t. We have always been blessed and will always be blessed with skilful healers such as Imhotep.


Even in Morden western medicine, with less opportunities, Africans have shown how great they are, and again the enemy has claimed our genius as theirs, Hamilton Naki not Christiaan Barnard performed the first Heart transplant. Dr Ben Carson is the greatest Neurosurgeon in its history and Vivian Thomas developed the procedures used to treat the blue baby syndrome.


Black people, whatever you decide to do, you become Kings and Queens at it, The Best!


Imhotep was known for his vast learning, and if we are to live to our true heritage as Africans we must teach ourselves to learn on vast things, let us learn about the system that oppresses us and how we can destroy it, let us learn on neo-colonism, let us learn on Imperialism that kills over 20 million Africans each year, let us not depend only on Religious books and the School system. Let us read and learn on technology so we can create our own cars that are environmentally friendly, let us read on Architecture so we can create this generations very own pyramids.


“You are a fool if you let the enemy educate your child.” Malcolm X.


We created the first writings, when no one could write, when no one could mine, we taught ourselves to mine, when no one could use bricks we built structures that lasted for centuries and centuries, The Great walls of Zimbabwe, The bricks in the Pyramids of Giza can build 3 Eiffel Towers. Let us learn and teach ourselves for as a race we are on our own. Those that say they want to help us are the problems in our continent and want to exploit us.


Let us be vast learners for if we don’t do that, they will keep installing fear into us and misleading us, my point is that those who know little on economics because they are engineers will always be installed fear when imperialists who control who control the media lie to us, the media will tell us that Nationalizing of Africa’s natural resources will scare off investors and there will be poverty, they will fool you as they don’t tell you that China who has the biggest growing economies has nationalised its resources and banks in the country, they don’t tell you that the same investors are the main reason there is poverty in Africa.


The most important skill is to learn how to learn.


Here is a little poem to remind you of your true heritage as an African.




My heritage is not a certain clothes!


My heritage is not a certain kind of dance!


My heritage is not just a day event!


My heritage is the Architectural Genius of my ancestors that build the pyramids! They still stand!


My heritage is the creativity of Imhotep! The first physician!


My heritage is the bravery and outstanding courage of Queen Nzinga! Queens!


My heritage is the ability to make wealth like Mensa Musa! Kings!


My heritage is the ability to be beautiful and free, I inherited it from my KhoiSan genes! Joyous!


My heritage is the ability to make good music like Peter Tosh, Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, Brenda Fasi! Music with meaning!


My heritage is the spirituality of ancient Egyptians and Ethiopians who’s religions gave birth to Christianity and Islam, even Buddha would have loved to stay with them!


If you are African, You are Gifted, its your Heritage!

With the Melanin in your skin comes Great talent, use it!   



“What became of the Black people of Sumer?” the traveller asked the old man, “For ancient records show that the people of Sumer were black what happened to them? “AH,” the old man sighed, “They lost their history, so they died.”


To every African, those in the mother Land and those in Diaspora, never forget your History, for that is how the enemy is trying to destroy you, that is why the enemy removed the nose on the Egyptian statues, in the Great Sphinx of Giza that is why at school he teaches you French and English empires, that is why Shaka Zulu was not seen as nation builder, he tried to destroy the Great wall of Zimbabwe, that is why museums in Africa don’t have African history, that is why he misinterpreted our History, that is why he claimed your history as his. Wake up!


To the Diaspora in America know that before a Columbus was born in the 1310, 1311 A.D Your Ancestors had built Voyages, and were in America before Columbus. These were the Mandinga  


The Black Guanini were black merchants that that came from Hispaniola, Guanini implied the “Golden Tribe.” Black Marchents who trafficked in Gold.


Your Ancestors were the first to create maps around the ocean, in 1448 a map, the map had writings, “ixola otinticha xe longa aponente 1500 mia.” This translates to “Authentic Island is distant 1500 miles to the west. Which is the west of Cape’ Verde point of upper Guinea coast, the map also shows the northeast corner of Brazil this is the same map the Portuguese used to in Brazil in 1448. THE MAP CAN BE FOUND OF AFRICAN CIVILISATION (VOL8, NO 2.)


Columbus himself knew he wasn’t the first immigrant in America, Columbus in his journal of the second voyage, when he was in Haiti, the Native Americans told them that black skinned people had come from the South East in Boats, trading in Gold tipped metal spears. It is recorded in the Raccolta, Parte 1, Volume 1, (John Boyd Thacher, 1903). Ferdinand son of Columbus, who wrote a book on his father, writes his father told him he had seen Negroes in the north of Honduras.


“We have to make our people aware of these things and to be inspired by them. Not to be inspired by mere hollow chauvinistic boasts, but inspired by a genuine awareness of achievement, so they can emulate that achievement. So their children do not have to feel they only half-belong to the world. . . . People of African descent should become very much aware of what is going on. Very much aware of these developments, of this record of achievement. It is affecting us profoundly. It’s not only the ignorance of this that is making people despise us, push us aside and treat us as second-class citizens, but our ignorance of it makes us also treat ourselves in a certain way. It has affected the way we approach everything.” [Egypt Child Of Africa,: p. 457] Dr Ivan van Sertima


Looking back at our History, we must learn those parts we were weak and vulnerable, was our lack of unity caused by our migrations, which is the reason we have so many tribes, the fact that a group of people would migrate to another place and form a tribe, far from the original group and would have little to no communication, was our downfall as the colonists would attack a tribe without another tribe helping it out, Let it be the last time that happens, My point here is that those in the Diaspora should not be quiet when Imperialists from America and France and Britain exploit their people, when they exploit your continent. We all have a common enemy, we are one people, we are Africans, let us unite against the injustices to our people, no matter where we!


Do not be alarmed by yourselves when you produce great minds such as Ivan Sertmia and John Henry Clarcke, for you are decedents of great thinkers who built the first universities that taught many races in Egypt and Timbuktu. Even away from home know that your ancestors were there before the british and left Great Art for you to reference Black Greatness in America.


The strength in our history has always been measured by our ability to face of what at times seemed to be all the forces of hell, we fought through to survive it all and rebuilt kingdoms and Empires some of which endured for a thousand years. Africa will again be world leaders, Colonisation and Imperialism will not define the African race, our decedents will be inventors like Imhotep, they will be as wealthy as Mensa Musa, They will rule like Ramses the Great, and Our women will lead like Cleopatra and Queen Candace. We will build an Empire as Beautiful as Mapungubwe and Great Zimbabwe.


We have rebuilt fallen empires before, and we will rebuild again!


Our race is a Glorious Race, and anytime we put our mind to something we exceed than those oppressive races, we were the first explorers, America’s first immigrant, first writings, first miners, Democracy, science, maths, Art, are your creations! First Gold miners, created numbers!


Let us unite and create something the world will wonder,


“Black Man, You are on your own!”  Steve Biko. UNITE!


“Black Man You are Great!“  Vhuhwavho Dzhivhuho


This Generation is destined to do Historic Deeds!


Hail United States of Africa!






Who is a black women?

In 1500 BC I was Queen Hatshepsut, Ruler of the Greatest civilisation ever,

In 960 BC I was Queen Sheba of Ethiopia, King Solomon was writing about me in the Bible (1 Kings 10) The wisest man was dazzled by my beauty,

In 300 BC I was Candace, An Empress of the Great African Empire Called Kush,

In 60 BC, I was Cleopatra, the African Queen who ruled the Roman Empire,

In 700 AD, I was Dahia-Al Kahina of North Africa, Driving away Arabs, as they tried to colonise us,

In the 16th Century I was Queen Amina of Nigeria, A warrior Queen like Shaka Zulu, I conquered nations as Queen,

In the 17th Century I was Queen Nzhinga of Angola, I waged war against slave trading Europeans,

In the 18th Century I was Mbuya Nehanda of Zimbabwe, call me Chimurenga, I fought the european imperialists.

Black Women?

Who I’m I in the 21st century?

Today I spend half my day on Big Brother Africa and reality T.V,

Today I disrespect myself as I dance Naked on MTV and Channel O,

Today I spend Thousands on weaves,

Today I gossip a lot, jealous of my sister,

Today I paint my face with make-up forgetting I’m Beautiful without it,

Today I watch all soaps on T.V.

As a Male,

If I could travel back to the 1700, I would tell them I don’t treat women fair, reading by herself in the Bible believing she is the reason sin is here, you played her.

If I could speak to my Grandfather, I would ask why he lies to her, telling her she can’t be the only one, the one and only.

I must burn all Cosmetics companies for her natural hair and dark skin are gorgeous!


You are Leaders,

You are Queens,

No man reaches Greatness without your presence,

You have unconditional Love,

You are Warriors,

You are Strong,

You are Brave,

You are Powerful and Glorious Beings,

Black Women, Africa needs you to Mother the Revolution against neo-colonism,

For Black Mothers are Beautiful Black Anchors!

Like misss Yaa Asantewa, Lead the Revolution.

Black Women in You we trust!

Know Yourself!

 Let me remind You of your C.V

Pharoah of Old kemet,

Made the wisest man on Earth move to Ethiopia,

Empress of Empire Kush,

Ruled the Roman Empire,

Queen Manthatisi never lost a battle,

In the 21st century I defeated Neo-Colonism and free Africa!

Black Women in you we trust!

Happy Women’s century!




The blood flows,


You are dead,


The blood flows,


We have won,


The blood flows,


The enemy is no more.


This is the victory song of the Mino an all-female Army of the Dahomey Kingdom now known as Benin. From the 18th to the early 20th century, they were a brave and terrifying all-female militia they protected and expanded the Dahomey Kingdom.


The word Mino means mother in Fon, They were the mothers of the Kingdom.


In the late 1600’s King King Wegbaja choose a group of women to become elephant hunters, then in the 18th century his son and successor King Ajaga found himself impressed by their skill and strength decided to make them palace guards. Initially as guards it was a group of 800 women, it soon grew to 4000 female soldiers, so their responsibility grew from just guarding the king to Guarding a Kingdom and growing the kingdom, in other words mothering the Kingdom. In the 1850’s under King Gezo the army consisted of 6000 soldiers.


The female soldiers usually included those who were fleeing from marriage or those seeking glory on the battle field, disobedient and impetuous daughters or if they show fighting talent.


The Mino’s trained vigorously in completion with other male troops but their determination to become the strongest saw them show traits of stamina and courage far greater than their male counterparts. Famously in their training they would scale a wall covered in thorn hedges without showing any pain. Again African women proved to the world that women are as capable as man and are true warriors. Queen Manthatisi, Queen Nzhinga. They show an outstanding amount of courage and determination.


Let not the myth be believed that women cannot fight and defeat an oppressor, They are very much capable.


The Fon’s Women army had three main wings, the left and right wings and the elite centre wing or Fanti. Each of these wings had five sub groups: The elephant huntress, the musket bearing frontline group, the razor women, the Artillery women, and the archers. But the Mino’s biggest strength was their teamwork and unity. These brave Great women never met just to gossip, they never met just to laugh at a sister’s misfortunes, they supported and had each others backs at all times. They certainly never fought amongst each other for a man.


Women, let no man divide you, let not jealousy cause divisions amongst you, Your struggles today are similar, let those struggles unite you, for women united are the greatest army in the world.


The Mino’s conquered the Kingdom of Savi in 1727, later that same year they conquered the Whydah people, they crushed Allada. They conqured the great Oyo empire. In one of the battles when they captured Egbado town of Okeadon, they snuck over the walls during the night, unlocked the gate from inside, the sisters flooded into the city with a wave of murderous fury.


The 20th century was the scramble for Africa and the Mino found themselves in this scramble, The female spirit in them knew that, whether the French had Morden weaponry or not they would either “Conquer or Die” which was their motto. They were not going to give up their land without a fight. When one of the Chiefs in of the Dahomey Kingdom was bought by the colonial Imperialists the same way they bought Jacob Zuma and Ian Khama, but the General of the Mino’s saw through the lies of the coward and ordered for his head, one Mino then decapitated his head, wrapped in the flag back to the Dahomey King of that time, King Behazin.


The Dahomey-Franco war, which in 1890, resulted in two major battles, one which took place in heavy rain at dawn outside Contonou in Benin. Behazin’s Army, which included female units, assaulted a French stockade but was driven back in hand-to-hand fighting. Nanisca, one of the Mino’s decapitated the French chief gunner and only the sheer firepower of their modern riffles won the day for the French.


The second war was a seven week war which was fought even more fiercely than the first, there were 23 separate battles, and once again female troops were in the vanguard of Behanzin’s forces. The women were the last to surrender. The survivors took their revenge on the French by covertly substituting themselves for Dahomey women who were taken into the enemy stockade, each allowed themselves to be seduced by French officer, waited for him to fall asleep and then cut his throat with his own burgonet.


Warrior Nawi was the last of the Great Mino’s to die and was well over the age of 100 in 1979.


Women, Africa faces neo-colonism, you cannot just sit on your couch and watch reality T.V, You cannot just sit and start gossip wars when our continent, our people are getting raped each day by imperialists. Together in 1956 you ensured that amendments to the pass laws were not adopted, together as an army you conquered states, Today together you will defeat Neo-colonism. You are mothers or you will be mothers one day and your children must want own land, must be free, own Africa, the land of their ancestors, their home, own mines and benefit from resources of their land, you do not want them to be slaves. Women get up and fight for your power is immense, Your wisdom and intellect can truly liberate the Continent and Race.


Their last enemies were full of praise for their courage. A French Foreign Legionnaire named Bern lauded them as “warrioresses… [Who] fight with extreme valor, always ahead of the other troops. They are outstandingly brave … well trained for combat and very disciplined.” A French Marine, Henri Morienval, thought them “remarkable for their courage and their ferocity… [they] flung themselves on our bayonets with prodigious bravery.”


“Conquer or Die”


In the same way the Dahomey people had trust in the Mino’s, is the same way African women in you we trust!


Happy Women’s Century!







Amina, Tar Bakwa ta san rana, “meaning” Amina daughter of Nikatau, a woman as capable as a man.”QUEEN AMINA!”


It was between the 15th and 16th century, some say it was in 1530 in Zazzua a city state in the Great Hausa Bwakwai state or the Hausa Kingdom was born a fierce warrior princess, her name was Amina, daughter of King Turunku. Marka her grandmother once caught her holding a dagger, what shocked Martha about the incident was that Amina held it exactly as a warrior would.

We cannot talk about Queen Amina without going back to her Mother and Mentor, Queen Bakwa Turunku who took over full power as Queen after the death of her husband King Turunku, her reign as leader was particularly known for its peace and prosperity. When Amina was 16, Queen Bakwa made Amina the Magajiwa, ‘Maanda awe a fana na a Khadzi nga Tshivenda.’ (In the Tshivenda tradition the Magajiwa is equiverlant to A Khadzi), an adviser to the Throne. Queen Bakwa died around 1566 passing over the reign to her younger brother Karama. Amina was about 36 when her mother died. During Karama’s 10 year rule, Amma became the leading warrior of the Zazzua cavalry, or the Zazzua army, some would say like Shaka Zulu she was the ultimate warrior. Her military achievements brought her great wealth and power.

Ten years from her mother’s death, she then became Queen of Zazzua which is today known as Zaria, a city in Kaduna State in Northern Nigeria.

Her reign took Zazzua to its largest in size in its history, Amina concurred as far as Nupe and Kwarata, after her reign Zazzua, it was at its largest, making her one of the Greatest leaders to ever come from the Hausa Kingdom. In empires such as Benin, Mali (Timbuktu) Ashanti Kingdom (Ghana) and the Hausa Bwakwai states (Notheren Nigeria) the women’s power was based on her important economic role, a skill Amina was able to bring when she was in power, combined with her military skills, was able to increase trade between the Hausa Bwakwai states and  also trades of these states with other African countries. Zazzua became the centre of the north-south Saharan trade and the East-west Sudan trade.

Perhaps Amina could have given Hitler advice on how to protect the states he has concurred. Amina is famously known as for the Ganuwar Amina or the Amino walls in which she build everywhere she concurred, these were defensive walls in each of the concurred states, within those walls she grew very prosperous town, many of which are still in existence today.

Amina’s reign was also responsible for the mass cultivation of the Kola nut in Zazzua. The Kola nut is the fruit of the Kola tree a genus of the Cola trees native to the tropical rainforests of Africa. The Caffeine-containing fruit of the tree is sometime used as a flavouring ingredient in beverages, and is the origin of the term cola. This makes me wonder, why is Coca-cola more expensive in Africa than America, I mean without Africa there is no Coca-cola.

Maybe no man was able to tame her that’s why she never got married and never had children. Queen, Amina after concurring a city used to choose a concubine from that nation then have sex with him and end his life the following morning preventing him from ever speaking about his sexual encounter with the Queen.

African women were already Queens and warriors while their Indo-European contemporaries were still subordinated and subjugated under Patriarchy family. Here are powerful ancient women. In Ethiopia there was Queen Sheba, Queen Candace, who fought the invading army of Augustus Caesar. In Egypt there was Queen Hatshepsut the first Queen in the History of humanity, Cleopatra the Queen of Kings. Even the huge and powerful empires of Ghana in the third Centaury A.D Matriarchal values were the norm. it was the same in the Mali Empire.

It pains me that the African women of today have supressed the gene of Greatness in them because they spend all day watching Big brother Africa and spend precious time destroying their minds by watching reality TV and Soaps, then spend thousands and thousands on weave and stupid magazines which trick them into s unnecessary spending instead of building Great Legacies like Queen Amina. Every African man knows nobody knows how to handle financial affairs like an African women who will help us if money is wasted on weaves and unnecessary goods our women are tricked on spending in these magazines and T.V shows.

African women, Take your place, in you lies the resilience of Assata Shakur and Rosa Parks, the bravery of Yaa Asantewaa and Queen Candace, the eye for beauty such as Queen Hatshepsut and Margaret Ekpo, Leadership skills of Queen Nzinga and Queen Sheba. Rise African women and take your positions in this great Race and Continent.

“A Queens job aint done till she becomes a Goddess.”

I choose to believe that black women, women of Africa can unite and fight against injustices like the 20 000 women who staged a march to the union building in Tshwane, August 9 1956 to protest against the proposed amendments to the urban Areas of 1950. I chose to believe that African women will build legacies greater than those of Margaret Ekpo, Queen Nzinga, Cleopatra and Queen Amina.

Legend say Queen Amina had a warrior death as she died during a military campaign at Atagara near Binda in Nigeria. A statue in her honor at the National Arts Theatre in Lagos, and multiple education institutions bear her name. A TRUE LEGEND!

‘Wathint’ abafazi, wathint’ imbokodo’ (You strike a women you strike a rock)

African women, in you we trust!