Queen Hatshepsut: The women who was king

Then his majesty said to them (Thutmose I): “This daughter of mine Khnumetamun Hatshepsut- may she live! I have appointed as my successor upon my throne.  She shall direct the people in every sphere of the palace; it is she indeed who shall lead you. Obey her words, unite yourselves at her command.” The royal nobles, the dignitaries and the leaders of the people heard this proclamation of the promotion of his daughter, the King of upper and Lower Egypt, Maat-Ka-Ra may she live eternally.  Queen Hatshepsut was to become the first Queen in history of humanity. Queen Hatshepsut inherited the throne after the death of her husband Thutmose II. She ruled from 1473 to 1458 BC and was the fifth Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty. Even before the death of her husband she had great power as she had inherited political power as her husband reigned and after his death she took all power.

As she wore her false beard as Pharaoh she was to show humankind that women are Great leaders capable of designing the best policies, capable of giving a nation direction, capable of maintaining peace and very skilful and tactical in expeditions and war.

Her policies were based on trade not war as she was quite the economist as during her 16 year old reign the Egyptian economy flourished as she expanded her trading relations.

The definition of strength is a black women, she had two daughters  lost her first born Sumnet at an early age and her second well know daughter Neferure was to become Queen to Thutmose III arguably one of the greatest leaders ever.

Queen Hatshepsut, was the only child of Queen Ahmosis and Thutmose I, she than married her half-brother Thutmose II.

QUEEN HATSHEPSUT was able to show her muscular in organising the first expedition of punt, now known as Somalia returning with Gold, Ivory and Myrrh tree. Her feminine touch to the expedition made sure  that they not only return with Gold and Ivory but also the Myrrh tree. The Myrrh tree has been used throughout history as a perfume, incense and medicine, which she then planted all over Egypt.

Her architectural legacy is astonishing as she organised the restoring of buildings that her father had built and also built from scratch the temple of Djeser-djesuru (meaning Holiest of Holy places) which were dedicated to AMUN (AMEN) the Egyptian GOD.

Many African women such as Queen Nzinga, Miriam Makeba, Margaret Ekpo, Funmilayo Ransome Kuti,  Yaa Asantewa,  Assata Shakur, have shown that women are as Great if not Greater than males and certainly are stronger as they also have to deal with stupid, ignorant stereotypes  that African, western, Asian and many more world culture have on women.

Women for Africa to reclaim its former Glory and Greatness, you need to take your position as mothers of the revolution. Men need you, they need to draw from your strength and courage. Women, you do not belong on the couch watching Big brother and desperate housewives but like Yaa Asantewa you belong on the battle field fighting for what you believe in and fighting for whats yours. You are Mothers, Leaders, Champions, Warriors, YOU ARE GREATNESS.

Black Women, In you we trust!




The sixty-seven year reign of Ramses the Great was for Kemet an era of general prosperity, stable government and extensive building projects. Ancient gods like Ptah, Ra and Set were elevated to high status.  The worship of Amen was restored and his and his priests reinstated. Major wars were fought with the Libyans Hittites and their allies. Wondrous new temples from Nubia to the Kemet Delta were carved out of the naked cliffs. Splendid tombs in the hills of western waste (Thebes) and Aabdju (Abydos) were constructed, renovated and beautified. The new kemet pieces of Pi-Ramses made bits impressive debut.

Ramses was actually deified in his own lifetime, and through the unrelenting projection of his own lifetime, and through the unrelenting projection of his own incomparable personality, he made the name Ramses synonyms with kingship for centuries. He was the towering figure of his age, and established the models and set the standards that others used to rule by.

Ramses II like a true legend left a God like Legacy, a legacy that the many Pharaohs who came after him referred to him as the “Great Ancestor.”  He was also a military Genius as he led several military expeditions as he was responsible for Egypt regaining control of Canaan, His Genius and bravery was evident in the incredible Kodesh battle which its history was then written on walls of temples in Aabdju (Abydos). Ramses the Great Warrior! In his honour nine other Pharaohs took the name.

Ramses II brought peace to Old Kemet and that was the foundation for him to build a great nineteenth Dynasty. Africa, for us to become as great as Thutmose and Ramses Old kemet and Great Zimbabwe we need Peace, we need to love each other and overstand that we are brothers and sisters. To those in the DRC, do not let this Imperialists divide you, know that they do not have the best interest for the country, Know that you are African which means you are Peaceful people!       

Ramses II was born of Queen Tuya, Black Mothers, Black Women, Beautiful Black Anchors, You have strength and Character, You mother Greatness, Queen Tuya, Queen Iset, Queen Mudzunga Dzhivhuho, Queen Kankou, Queen Bona Mugabe, Marguerite Sankara, Fannie Ann Jones, Queen Angelina Sobukwe. Black women, you are Greatness, Queen YAA Asantewa, Queen Assata Shakur, Queen Sheba, Queen Tiye, Queen Makeda, Queen Nzingha, Queen Hatshepsut. Young Kings treat women like Queens for at your time of most need they are the ones most likely to be there for you.

  Let me leave you with a poem that was written Percy Bysshe Shelley who said it was inspired by Ramses II.


 I met a traveller from an antique land

Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone

Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,

Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown

And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command

Tell that its sculptor well those passions read

Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,

The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.

And on the pedestal these words appear:

`My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:

Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay

Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,

The lone and level sands stretch far away”.  


Know Your History

Our history has been hidden from us. Archaeologists have just found a 200 000 year old Metropolis in South Africa near the coast of Maputho. South Africa is the first civilisation in the world. It is also the cradle of mankind. South Africans were mining for Gold more than 40000 years ago in Mapungubwe. The white media and its education have confused South Africans into believing that their ancestors were inferior and the only history they have is aparteid and Shaka Zulu. A few months ago Archaeologists discovered 60 000 year old writings in South Africa. We created the first writing systems. The sad thing is this is not the only great African Country. The are many.

Ethiopia is the home of the first religions. The first priests and Popes are from Ethiopia. Egypt is the home of the first scientists, librarians and doctors. Imotep designed the first step pyramids. I could go on the whole day if I were to tell you about Mali, Zimbabwe and the other great African Countries. Our history has been distorted. Now our self-hatred is profiting other races. Their cosmetics companies profit from our self-hatred. Their education system profits from our self-hatred and their historians profit from our self-hatred. We are great. We are Gods.

A black man named Henry T Sampson invented the first Cellphone before Motorola. A black man holds nine patents to the first personal computer. The first heart transplant was done by a black man. We are the first doctors. All this history is great and we all need to know it but this Generation can’t keep going back to history whenever we talk about our greatness. 

We need to stand up and show the world who we are. We are Africans. We are intelligent. First we need to get our continent back then we need to honour our true leaders like the fathers of South Africa Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, Steve Biko and Pixley Seme. The other Countries need to do the same for their leaders like Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba and all the other great African leaders. The truth shall set us free. Lets study our history so we can learn from it. So we can get valuable lessons for the future of Africa. We are not hustlers, pimps, bitches, gangsters and ho’s. We are Africans. I love you all. 

The only difference between you and God is that you have forgotten that you are divine – The Lost Symbol ( Ancient Egyptian Quote).

Tsepo Phokeng

African Visions

Africa I miss you,

 I want to see you,

With your native pearls,

I want to see your pink diamonds shine in the mist of all,

That conscious awakening that we all envision,

Africa I want to see your dominance through the window,

Clear and vivid like a crystal!



I don’t want to see women under rocks,

And a man in the doc of a defendant,

Persecuted for what they taught!

The normality of dominance!

It was not a solution to feed their insecurities,

It was centurion conditioning!

That women belong in the kitchens and men are to inherit greatness.


Movements with good intentions but wrong solutions,

Milking women of their esteem,

Painting them as victims of insensitive bastards,

Overlooking the genius: how it begin! I could not defend a paedophile!

And his knock knock moments, but I could tell you,

The concerning goes beyond the new reform world values of equality,

Beyond the hunger that roars in the sound of their voices and the hammer in their hands.



What is Africa today without yesterday,

A clear picture of the future,

But a chaotic journey to the destination!

Could we have it both!

The Africa and the parity,

African reform could be the wishing star that we all wait for,

Think about her today!

Not from yesterday!

How can she co-exist in today’s world,

How can she scintillate with commodity?

Without back lashes and mutually exclusives ambitions!

She is not gone,

She grew!

She is still a beauty,

Mature like the old wine and trees we used to gather around for conversations,

Let us build her from strife to rife!

Nurture her Greatness beyond the scars of yesterday.


Africa today,

Beyond walls of boundaries and predicaments,

Cloaks of darkness and limitations.




“Pills make you stupid” Lupe Fiasco

The blog is about African pre-colonial history but today I’d like to talk about something that happened after the first democratic elections in South Africa, A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

At age 7 I was diagnosed with epilepsy, After my first visit to a neurologist, I was taking Eplim CR 100mg, twice a day as medication, I was told I would forever use tablets. At first it was minor epilepsy, there were no fits but from time to time, I would freeze after being called for at least 15 secounds.

As time passed the dose was increased from the Eplim C.R 100mg t0 200mg, simultaneously my grades started to drop. Grade 11 it struck, my first epileptic fit, after a two and a half months stay at the hospital, I was under heavy medication, Eplim C.R 500mg twice a day, Epitec 200mg, twice a day and Epinuetin 100mg, 3 at night.

For four and half years, I was on this medication, till a lovely women “Mrs Muloiwa” introduced me to Prof Mushome, I give him an honouree PHD.

Prof Mushome is a Tshivenda traditional doctor, I went to see him, he went outside to the bush, uprooted the necessary herb, boiled the roots in front of my eyes, all he poured was water, Today as I write to you, it’s been two great years without medication, those who have shared the two years with me know it’s been the happiest years of my life, Baitshephi, Dumisani, Life,  Kevin and Farani can be testify the smile I’ve had and the smile I’ve brought to them.

The 4 and a half years on medication I can safely say was the worst years of my life, I saw shrinks, hated life itself and spent most of my time sleeping.

The moral of the story is that, African people are wise people and have always been wise. People, science, art, religion, its your creation. Doctors are not always the best option, the African way of healing is harmless and natural, unlike pills, it has no side effects.

According to Rupert Isaacson, who spent time among the Khoisan, and authored The Healing Land, the Bushmen have been seen healing a white woman of stomach cancer, and causing children who have had chest complaints no longer coughing. Their system has evolved over thousands of years; they heal by using trances. Healing is a very important part of the Khoisan’s lives.

Our ways are not Barbaric or Demonic. They have just been crucified because they don’t create a Trillion Dollar industry like healthcare, They don’t make you dependent, LET US NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE WEALTH OF YOUR OWN WISDOM.

African people, from Ancient Egypt till now have always lived in good humanity with nature, with the earth, they know and understand that nature has all the answers, they overstand the human body, the plants and the soil in ways that medical science cannot explain! NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE WEALTH OF YOUR OWN WISDOM. Talk to your Grandparents, Traditional healers, there is great knowledge to be gained, let it not be lost.


“Could’ve asked us why Africans dying from circumcision

They lack proper surgeons, suffer malnutrition

Underestimate the wealth of their own wisdom

It’s like it’s been exchanged for this penicillin.” Nas (IN HIS OWN WORDS LYRICS)    

given a chance

Power strides are like the giant prints of misery hitting against the ground

Scenery of my mind is not so pleasant

It is a division of channels leading to one route

Deception of mind and segregation of motives

Conscious trouble and confusion, i do not know which tale to believe anymore

Whether i am living his past in my present or am I in his future

Then the plotting would be the reason of my perplexity

Caught between time and exchange of seasons and reasons,

Dynamism of thought and logic, was gradual like the  theories of evolution

You could not see me rejoicing as you were busy emending faults that were artificially  manufactured

To keep you occupied, divide

 i shall conquer the lands of those conscious convicts

I traded my origin for a bottle of brandy; i did not predict the damages of the massacre

How could i be aware when I was trained to be unconscious of  my interests and investments?



Land grabs and long laps of marathons, running around the rocks that separated the heart from the soul

His promises cemented the truth and solidified it in a mixture of sand and concrete

The slab that built the foundation under our feet, tearing apart by the day

 This political misery cracking this base of psychological sorcery

It was an antennary, thought out and executed like the prosecution of the disobedient chap

That had more reason than strength


Putting it into perspective now you choose

Agony   or ecstasy?

domination or liberty?

Start now, to fight the battles that you have challenged for your proclamation

Do not be a victim of a trap that was for your captivity

Mental slavery shall cease, for the fear embedded in our minds shall be destroyed

Programmed and generated like computer software, it shall be replaced

The war of theories,

 history is a thing of the past and it shall not be seen to repeat its self

it shall carve our thoughts and believes

relief us from this rational dominance

enlarge our sight to horizons beyond our capacity, with faith that we too can









Africa Must Wake Up

Africa must wake up
The sleeping sons of Jacob
For what tomorrow may bring
May a better day come
Yesterday we were Kings
Can you tell me young ones
Who are we today

[Nas: Verse 1]
The black oasis
Ancient Africa the sacred 
Awaken the sleeping giant
Science, Art is your creation
I dreamt that we could visit Old Kemet
Your history is too complex and ridig
For some western critics
They want the whole subject diminished
But Africa’s the origin of all the world’s religions
We praised bridges that carried us over
The battle front of Sudanic soldiers
The task put before us

[Chorus 2x]

[Nas: Verse 2]
Who are we today?
The slums,deceases, AIDS
We need all that to fade
We cannot be afraid 
So who are we today?
We are the morning after
The make shift youth
The slave ship captured
Our Diaspora, is the final chapter
The ancetral lineage built pyramids
Americas first immigrant
The Kings sons and daughters from Nile waters
The first architect, the first philosophers, astronomers
The first prophets and doctors was 

[Bridge: Jr.Gong]
Now can we all pray
Each in his own way
Teaching and Learning
And we can work it out
We’ll have a warm bed
We’ll have some warm bread
And shelter from the storm dread
And we can work it out
Mother Nature feeds all
In famine and drought
Tell those selfish in ways
Not to share us out
What’s a tree without root
Lion without tooth
A lie without truth
you hear me out

Africa must wake up
The sleeping sons of Jacob
For what tomorrow may bring
May a better day come
Yesterday we were Kings
Can you tell me young ones
Who are we today
Ye lord
Africa must wake up
The sleeping sons of Jacob
For what tomorrow may bring
May some more love come
Yesterday we were Kings
I’ll tell you young blood
This world is yours today

[Somali] Dadyahow daali waayey, nabada diideen
Oo ninkii doortay dinta, waadinka dillee
Oo dal markii ladhiso, waadinka dunshee
Oo daacad ninkii damcay, waadinka dooxee
Dadyahow daali waayey, nabada diideen
Oo ninkii doortay dinta, waadinka dillee
Oo dal markii ladhiso, waadinka dunshee
Oo daacad ninkii damcay, waadinka dooxee
Oh ye people restless in the refusal of peace
and when a man chooses religion, aren’t you the one’s to kill him?
and when a country is built, aren’t you the one’s to tear it down?
and when one attempts to tell the truth, aren’t you the one’s to cut him down?
Who are we today?